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Please help billu

Abdur Rafay


5 Nov 2022

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With your help my billu get 2 doses of GS i have just 2 days dose left and after that he will miss the dose if get no donations. So far zero donations for my baby. And this expensive treatment is not possible without your help. Today will be 3rd day of his treatment.
I found this cat when he was only around 4 months old near footpath. He was lost in the cold, weak and extremely sick. I took him home with me, after he started getting better, my parents wanted to put him up on adoption. For 3 months, no one adopted him but during this time me and my family got very attached to him and didn't want to put him up on adoption anymore, he's like our family member now ❤️ But our world felt apart when he started developing fluid in his abdomen, I travelled to another city to get him checked from a vet and he said that he has Wet FIP 💔 The vet asked me to put him down once he starts getting sick. I was helpless and contacted so many NGOs but no one respond. The FIP warriors group gave me some relief. I'm a student and only 17 years old. We are not financially stable but very much attached to the cat, please help us to give my baby life! 😭
Admin Sandy Hope
Please write the name Billu in comments on your donation to ensure it goes to Billu
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