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Help for our little beauty cat

Nikos Gerosideris


5 Apr 2022

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Our little girl cat named Neko, which was a 4 and a half month old little cat back at January, started manifesting ocular symptoms of FIP back. She steadily declined over the following weeks (loss of appetite, lethargy, cloudy eyes,back twitches and ultrasound findings on lymph nodes, liver and spleen) and a couple weeks ago there was a definite diagnosis.


We started treatment as soon as possible, she got better on her first 10 days but symptoms manifested again on the 11th day and we have to increase the dosage. We can't afford to give her new dosage and soon, if we don't get support, she will be left with no treatment. We love her so much, she is a really unique, loving and one of a kind cat and we are doing the best we can to save our little kitten.



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