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A cure for Freddie

Karina Rogers


1 Dec 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Freddie has struggled since we brought him home at about a week old. His momma was sick and failed to take care of her litter. Even after supplementing them Freddie was still slow to gain. His litter mates were put up for adoption while he fought to gain those last few ounces. We fell in love with his quiet well mannered nature. It was an easy choice to adopt him. A month after his adoption we notice his eye was cloudy. Hours on the phone and in ER waiting rooms led us to his diagnosis... FIP- a death sentence. Many tears and 3am google searches later, I found it's not hopeless. There is a treatment!! A VERY expensive treatment. I put it out of my mind as an option. But whenever I look into Freddie's cloudy blind eyes and can't help but want to do everything in my power to give him a chance. He deserves to run, jump, and climb. He deserves to experience a full life. He deserves to play, pounce, and catch mice. He deserves to know life without pain. Please consider helping us give Freddie a chance.

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