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Adopted from the street now young Dewey needs your help

Lubomir Balabanski


May 30, 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

One day two months ago I went out to have lunch and heard some troubled meowing somewhere nearby. I looked around and saw a small kitten (perhaps less than a month old) crying for his mom. I stared from a distance for some time waiting to see whether someone will come to take care of it. As it was dangerously close to the road and it kept wandering around I figured I could not just leave it there. The kitten was really cute and I decided I was gonna bring it home with me and surprise my girlfriend. I took it to the local vet to get it checked and dewormed - it had some serious eye infection and could not open one of its eyes. After several days at home we noticed that it was not eating properly and looked sick. We brought it back to the vet who after running some tests told us that unfortunately it had FIP... We figured out that this was probably why it had been left behind by its mother. BUT WE DECIDED WE WERE NOT GOING TO LEAVE IT BEHIND!


The vet told us the prognosis was bad and that the GS-441524 treatment was one of the very few options that could give it a chance to fight the infection. We immediately started the therapy. Now, two months after the first injection and with the kind help of the vet Dewey seems to be responding to the medicine well, he is gaining weight and seems to be fighting against the virus. We would like to finish the treatment all the way to end in order to give Dewey a chance to win this battle and live with us healthy and strong! We therefore need your help now!

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