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Ajuda no tratamento da pif do lindo thor

Isabel Melo


Mar 15, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Thor, is a 14 month old Maine Coon who was recently diagnosed with wet FIP. He got a huge belly from the abdominal fluid. Being a deadly disease and that no baby deserves this condition, I started the treatment with injections. However, after a few days, Thor got 3 nasty skin ulcers from the injections. I switched to the capsules, but it hasn't been easy, because Thor was hospitalized for a week, before starting the GS. Take liver supplements and vitamin B12 recommended to protect him from this treatment. I am also treating the ulcers. I'm still going to need more capsules, because the treatment won't end until the end of May and I'd like to get help to save this boy, who's super gentle and affectionate, like never before 🥰 I count on the solidarity of those who can contribute 🙏 Thank you very much, from heart ♥

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