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Coody positive to the triplet

Mary Samiotou


6 Jan 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Goddy was diagnosed with fip felv and fiv. All people told me to give up on him . The little guy was 2.8 kg when he came to my door. A skinny hopeless boy that never ever had a family that he struggled everyday for one meal

My heart ached no one had ever cared for him. I told him i will not give up on you. God have sent you to me to help you. I have no means i take care of 40 cats with a lot of problems but i will fight with you. We have started Gs Therapy. The injections made him ache made him bleed. He didn't want to be touched he was scared and cried and cried. After 107 days of treatment we have stopped hw looks much better but his bone marrow doesn't produce any white cells. All we do is pray for he body to react. Please help us to care for him please help us to pay back the good people who provided us his medication. Please help us!

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