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cure for black-e

yoni hadany


7 Oct 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

My name is Yoni, I live in Jerusalem and I'm trying to raise 362 Euros to get Black-e lifesaving treatment. Black-e is a young female cat I know from my night walks with my dogs. When I go out with my two dogs for their night walk, I put cat food in certain places along the way for the stray cats (we have a huge amount of them here in Jerusalem). Black-e appeared one night, at one of my feeding spots, as a small frightened young cat. From the first moment It seemed that she wasn't healthy and that she had some issues with her mouth. After some weeks I managed to catch her and bring her to the vet. At the vet she got her mouth checked (five of her teeth had to be pulled out) and later spayed. Upon treating her, the vet saw that her skin was quite yellow and while sedated she sucked some liquid from her belly and realized that she was probably suffering from FIP. Later test proved that FIP was indeed the case. At that point I heard the first time about a possible cure for FIP. I was consulted to treat her immediately and was recommended by someone who treated her own cat for FIP, to get the treatment from CURE FIP.

The money I'm raising is for treating Black-e both at home and on the street (She is not a friendly cat and she is really frightened being locked in my bathroom so I plan to put her back outside after few weeks). It's financially very difficult for me to pay for her treatment, as I'm currently not working and have a lot of expenses for my own cats and dogs, feeding and treating other strays and paying the vet bills for Black-e's medical procedures (still didn't pay). I really hope that with the help of some of you good people I'll be able to save her and give her a chance (which she so much deserves) to live. Thank you for reading and hopefully, for your help.

all the best,


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