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DOBO's Journey: Uniting for a FIP Cure

MAdiha ajaz


Feb 10, 2024

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Hi, I'm Madiha and im a university student in Karachi, Pakistan. From the age of 19 i have rescued by first kitten in a stormy weather back in 2019 because she was to small and thin. And after than i realized and feel their pain and suffering. so i started part time job while studying and can't help but rescued them as the day pass by. NOW, I have 13 rescued cats at home, all are doing great thankfuly but one of them; my female kitty name - DOBO was diagnosed with FIP and also showing syptoms of Juandice when the vet did the blood test (blood tests reports was showing the symptoms and FIP and jaundice as it started infected her liver and in X-Ray they found fluids in her body.


Names of injection, that treated on the first day after diagnosed of FIP: Date 9 Feb 2024 and today 10 Feb 2024. (

1- Lasix

2- Encuse

3- Amoxycillin


And yesterday (9 Feb 2024) he suggests us FIP aniti viral GS-441524 20mg/ml is only her cure and there are 80% chance of survival. Her weight is 2.5 kg.


and the amount of injection is 70$ per bottle (20 mg) that may end in just 2 days.


As I'm a student myself , who is managing own studies' expenses by all myself and the expenses of all my 13 cats with my younger sister, who is also a student. My family can't afford all the pay and treatement exppenses and they are also worried for DOBO's health. To be honest, i have never asked anyone before for my cats' expenses or anthing even in super difficult situation and because they are like my own children and we try to manage all alone but this time im HELPLESS! and i cried and i've never been this scared for all my life.


I already have 13 rescue cats at home I can only afford only 2 to 3 bottle of injection hardly and I have talked to every senior doctor in Karachi and every doc suggests that this medicine is only cure for her and there are chances of survival.


I don't want her treatment to stop after two to three days of effective treatment. The way she looked at me with hopeful eyes, I can't and I'm feeling helpless day by day. That's why I request you all to please please please raise some funds for my DOBO. Because I believe every animal deserve to live


Please Note: if there's any details you want me to send you regarding DOBO about her reports and treatment... I'll surely share it with you if you're interested in even a little bit funding or help.


Account title: Areesha Ajaz

Account no: 00627901889699

Bank name: HBL (Habib Bank Limited)


Account number: 00177900785903

account title: Madiha Ajaz

Bank name: HBL (Habib Bank Limited)


Thank you.

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