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FIP fighter

Joanne Lin


Nov 25, 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Hi all, i'm actually new to cat as I just adopted Bella and her Forstered kitten (Happy) on July 2022.

Around 2- months later we realised that Bella tummy is bloated, not active at all and start to eat less. as I'm new to cat, I start to worry for her as one day I notice that she unable to jump high. can you imagine that cat unable to jump..? That really make me worried and we rush to Veterinary and what a bad and sad news that she's suspected FIPV wet form. And the cost of this GS-441 treatment will be costing us at least SGD$6,000.

Vet told us that this FIPV is a fatal virus and day by day, Bella is getting worst and that really make us worried that she will die As she only 23months old.

We have to start treating her and we had started for 2 weeks but the cost of The treatment make us stress that we might unable to continue it. I had no chance but to try getting/seeking for donation to help Bella and us.

I'm sincerely appreciate with any amount.

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