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Grosik dla atenki

Martyna Kiliszewska


21 Apr 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

my name is Martyna and I am asking you for help in saving the cat.

I am a volunteer for a shelter in Silesia and a foundation working for animals.

Now Atenka needs help.

She was in a very bad condition, she didn't eat or drink, she stopped moving :(

Atenka has already been through a lot :(

First a shelter, a chronic catarrh,
later the sudden death after anesthesia of her feline friend - kittens Kelly :(


Atenka experienced it terribly, she was looking for her feline companion, and later it was only worse :(


Let us not let her die as well.


Atenka is in the middle of the treatment, but the results are disappointing.

we had to increase the dose from 1.3 ml to 1.8 ml per day :(


We don't have to heal her anymore, and the droplet is standing still.

We ask for help.

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