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Savis Kashefi


May 26, 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Hey everyone. This is Savis. I'm mavi's mom. We found out that mavi has fip few months ago and as devastating as it was we thought he would live a healthy long life as long as we keep him safe and away from stress and give him the right nutritions , but unfortunately tye fip has constantly making him suffer from constipation and weak immune system and made us to take give him anemia three times a month which ends up with him bleeding and suffer in pain for days. I can't bare to see him suffer and when I heard about the fip cure I got hope, but unfortunately we can't afford the full dosage or treatment. And we need help to get him the help he needs. So even 1 euro would get us 1 step closer. Please help us help me. as a mother I can't see him suffer and be in pain every day so help me get him the help he needs !

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raised out of €900

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