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Help boubou do her treatment

Xristianna Gerakariti


May 30, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Once Boubou had a family.

They throw her out as the baby came and boubou was fed at the streets.

I decited to give her a chance and took her to the vet because I saw she was a little sick..

Unfortunately the blood tests showed that Boubou had a low blood pressure (low haematocrit) and she needed a blood transfusion..

I took a healthy cat of mine and the blood transfusion was made succesfully.

But,Boubou was also positive to FIP ...

My vet said that I had to make the treatment gs but is expensive.

She told me if I can start a fundraiser for Boubou because she is a fighter ans she deserves a chance to Life!

Will you please help her??

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raised out of €1,000

1 people have donated to this

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