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Help lucky survive

Milan A


May 7, 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

For those who know about this disease. Their is no cure for it their is only one treatment option or a cure for the disease which is highly expensive and I don't have enough money to help him talking about lucky as in the name he was lucky charm for me not enough words to describe him he is only 3 months old but the understanding and the courage of him I can say is none other kind loving he knows everything how to be with everyone how to take care of himself at this young age . It's heart broken 💔 seeing him just laying and opened eyes and looking Nothin , I have went to every single vet hospitals spend so much still they are saying their is no cure can't do anything ❤️ hope someone one helps anything u can do may help a young life

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raised out of €1,000

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