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Help save omens life

Emily Wood


21 Apr 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Hi my names Emily, my two cats are my entire world and I would do absolutely anything for them. They keep me strong, help me emotionally get through everyday and bring me happiness and joy when not much else can. They give me a reason to be here everyday.

tonight my baby Omen was diagnosed with feline infections peritonitis (FIP). This disease is fatal and without treatment he will be dead within days.

The vet suggested that I put him down TONIGHT as she knew I could not afford treatment. But I couldn’t do it I wanted at least one more night with him. She gave him some injections to make him feel slightly better for the night. Tomorrow I have to make the decision to put him to sleep or to begin hospitalisation and treatment.

this disease is extremely expensive to treat and involves giving omen an antiviral injection every single day for 3 months. There are also other costs such as IV fluids, hospitalisation and regular blood tests and other tests. I have been quoted a minimum of $7000 for this treatment. 1 viral of antiviral alone costs almost $300.

I’ve spoken to other cat owners that have gone down the treatment path and although extremely expensive the treatment has been successful and their baby has made a full recovery.

omen is absolutely miserable. He’s spent most the time sleeping in hes litter box and won’t come out. He’s tummy is filled with fluid, he has a fever and all he’s organs are inflamed.

please help, he only just turned 1 year old and hasn’t spent enough time on the planet yet and I havnt spent enough time loving him. He doesn’t deserve this and I will do everything I can to help him.

any donations help, thank you x

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