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Help Tinzo, my Warrior Cat, Recover From FIP Virus

Erblin zekthi


29 Oct 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

This is the story of a Warrior Cat who has suffered a lot, but it was the great love he had for us who took care of him that made him never give up.

The cat you see in the photo is Tinzo, the smallest cat that I have, who I found on the street when he was 3 months old and is now 14 months old. Tinzo was a very energetic, active, rebellious cat but very dear to all of us. All his suffering started when he jumped from the fifth-floor balcony when he was 6 months old. Fortunately, I was home at that time and heard the cat hitting the asphalt from the fifth floor, even though he was in the other room. I immediately went downstairs with a frozen heart, without hope that he would be alive, but he was there, helpless, looking at me with his compassionate eyes. I urgently sent him to the hospital and three days after, the doctors informed me that Tinzo is no longer in danger for his life, but he had to proceed a surgery on his leg after breaking it. Despite the high financial costs, I managed to pay for all his expenses. After that, Tinzo was different, he didn't have an appetite like before, his steps were not like before, he didn't play with other cats I have, and slept a lot.

2 months ago, I sent Tinzo back to the hospital after he started not feeding himself anymore. The veterinarian did a blood test and told us that Tinzo has an infection in his blood and is also anemic. After he was cured for 3 weeks with the following prescription, the doctors decided not to give him medicines for 10 days in a row, to see his condition, and during those 10 days, Tinzo got even worse. He didn't eat, he didn't drink and he slept a lot. This worried me a lot, and the last time I sent him to the hospital, the doctors told me that my cat has dry FIP because he has liquid in her stomach, and the drugs and medicines just kept him in a stable condition, but they don't improve her. They told me that FIP ​​is incurable, and suggested I end his suffering by giving him the “death injection”. I didn't want to believe that, I was very attached to Tinzo, and I disagreed to do it. After researching on the Internet, I found out about GS and in a desperate situation, I bought 4 GS injections, because that was my last savings. Tinzo has been receiving the 20 mg injections for 4 days and now his condition has improved, fortunately, and he has gained 150 grams of weight, a total of 2.85 kg. But I know that he has just begun his fight, and I know that he will defeat the virus. Likewise, I also started a second job a few days ago, in order to cover the costs of the entire treatment for 84 days. After 15 days, I will order the other injections for Tinzo, or I may convert them to capsules, after consulting with the vets.

I am launching a campaign for Tinzo, hoping that there are people who will understand my current financial situation, as well as my boundless love for Tinzo. A little help from you, whether financially or materially with tablets or injections, or even by "sharing" his story with your friends, would be a great help for me and Tinzo, and for that, I would be very grateful…

The total cost I need for the treatment is around 1400Є, which is too much for me to handle since I live in Albania and the economy here is meager.

Below, I have attached some photos of Tinzo during his journey, as well as the recipes that we gave him when he jumped from the fifth floor until a few days ago. God bless everyone who reads this story, everyone who shows support to Tinzo, and to, who managed to send the GS medications in three days.

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