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Asimis resa För katter i nöd


Feb 24, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Boranji is a boy who was rescued along with his mom and siblings at the dump in summer of 2022. A few weeks after his rescue he was diagnosed with a eyeinfection and treated for this. Everything seemed good. In late november we found him a good new home but all of a sudden Boranji lost appetite and did not want to be close. We took him home again and noticed something was very wrong. From one day to another he could not stand on his legs and his body did not carry him. We took him to the vet and he was hospitalized for one month, not sure if he would survive. He was soon diagnosed with toxoplasma and neurofip and treatment was started. After a few days we noticed a difference and Boranji made his way back to life. We got him back home and continued treatment at a nursing home where we put him, due to the risks of bringing him back home to a house full of cats and dogs and the chances of him becoming more injured from the high playgrounds and other playful kittens.

Now his foster brother have also been diagnosed with fip and is under treatment and two more cars will be tested for the disease.


We are now raising this fund to the medicines. We are a small Rescue organisation that needs all the help we can get to be free from this disease. Any help would help us so please donate.

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raised out of €5,000

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