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anastasia mourouzidou


18 Oct 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Unfortunately,one of my stray cats I take care of, Lukia📷,tested positive for FIP (dry form). Lukia appeared with swollen belly on August. She is too young, just 2 years old. Lukia became so weak during her hospitalization, weigted only 1,8kg when I took her home.

The vet told me "there is nothing to be done anymore" and suggested to put her down, but I refused.

She is with me ever since and we visited 2 more doctors.

I promised to her I will be with her till the end!

Everyone is shocked that she is still alive 2 months after she was diagnosed.

Help me save her!

I can see the sparkle in her eyes and I will not give up on her.

I promised! #IamhereLukia

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