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Save little Marcella

Evita Benetatou


7 Dec 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

I found my girl, Marcella, about a year ago sitting alone in the middle of a street. She was very small and she was sick. I took her and we went to the doctor and when she got better I tried to find someone to adopt her, but I finally decided to adopt her myself. She is now 1 year and a half old. We have a very special bond, and she understands every thing I say to her, she even responds to me in her own way. When she is nervous or afraid, I play her favorite song from when she was little and she understands that everything will be ok. I was devastated when we found out that she has FIP. I didn't want to accept that I'm going to lose her. We tried a treatment with antibiotics and cortisone and she felt better for a while, but once the treatment stopped she got worse again and the doctor gave me no hope. I did my research and I heard about curefip. I try to do my best for my little girl but the cost of the treatment is too much for me, as I have 7 more cats and Marcella is going through blood and other tests every 2 weeks. I hope you can help me give her the chance to be my little lioness again (she is a bit wild and she is so cute because of her small size). Thank you.

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