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save luther

L Kalantzi


Nov 29, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Luther appeared with swollen abdomen in one of the many colonies we take care of. He would then come every day crying for help 😔 We couldn't look away and leave Luther like this, die helpless on the streets...😔


So we took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with FIP disease (Feline infectious peritonitis). FIP without treatment, is fatal, so if not treated Luther will die soon...


We decided to fight for Luther and do the best for this sweet boy that has been so unlucky in his short life as a stray, and start treatment with GS!


It is impossible for us to cover the total cost by ourselves 😔

Help is desperately needed 😔


Please consider helping Luther have a chance in life, by making a small contribution. Even the smallest donation could make a huge impact and be life saving for Luther 😔

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raised out of €800

Menschen haben dafür gespendet

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