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Save Papyrus from fip

Marion Beaucourt


31 Aug 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Once open a time, in 2019, my beloved cat Felix passed away at 17 years old. He had been with me since childhood and I loved him very much. After he passed in October, I decided I would need a little time before I could adopt another cat. But a friend started showing me pictures of someone they knew who had had kittens and couldn't find them a home and of course I couldn't let them be sent to a shelter. So I adopted two lovely kittens, Papyrus and Pharaon (did I mention I love Egypt?). They were very playful and loved to cuddles, very easy going. They were the perfect cats. But Pharaon got sick, and then well again, and then sick again. This went on for 2 years and vet couldn't find what was wrong, thought it was chronic inflammatory disease. We eventually changed vet when Pharaon couldn't be cured with regular anti-inflammatory injections, but it was apparently too late and after a month of a stronger treatment, we lost him. He died on July 23rd 2023. Since that time, Papyrus (who was healthy so far) has been losing weight. I thought he was probably just sad and stressed out, other than that he's behaving normally, but still took him to a clinic. They did a blood test and think it's a dry FIP. I am devastated I can't lose him too he's all I have left. Pharaon used to follow me around all day, when I talked to him he moewed back, Papyrus must miss him too. Papyrus has his daily rituals of going to the bathroom with us because he loves how towels feels and likes to chill in the sink. I want to get him the treatment but I already spent thousands of euros trying to save Pharaon and it's complicated right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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