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Save Runo from fip

Tess MakriS


Mar 10, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Runo is dying - he needs your help.

Runo is one of many neglected Cyprus strays. He's extremely friendly and loving.

Beginning of March, he was diagnosed with FIP. I had no idea what this was; I was merely alarmed by how swollen his abdomen has gotten.

I also didn't know treatment was so expensive.

Noone has shown interest in helping him. Only one person has helped financially and it's not enough.

Please help us. Runo can't make it without you.

I hope I never have to go through this process again, but I must continue for his sake.

Thank you.

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raised out of €1,000

Menschen haben dafür gespendet

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