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Sofia the smiling kitty's battle with fip

Elina Eltmaa


May 17, 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Our sweetest and most lively 2.5 year old rescue cat got really ill recently. No-one could pin-point what it was, we went to multiple doctors and clinics for weeks - even stayed for days at the emergency vet clinic. We were suggested that we shouldn't fight this battle, until we found an amazing vet, who thought there's a possibility for curing our precious Sofia.


She had massive strokes, which epilepsy drug wouldn't help with, she wasn't walking or even switching the sides to lay on, she could only hold her head. She is a fighter - and so are we! But because of the high costs (over 3 400 € on medical bills already) of even finding out what it was and the cost of this expensive medicine we are seeking out on help.

We're currently on day 7 of shots and were able to order 6 weeks worth of shots (she gets the highest dose possible). Since starting with our treatment she was slowly able to eat by herself, move and actually starting to return to be the cat that she was several weeks ago - our vet said it was an absolute miracle. Right now she's eating and walking around just like before it all started. We still need at least 6 weeks of medicine.


We are grateful for any donations and every donation will go towards the cure for our most precious Sofia.

You can follow our story on Instagram @ kittycat.sofia we'll try to post soon about our experience.


Lots of love and greetings from Estonia

Elina and Sofia

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