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Help bear get cured from fip

Nikki Jag

recaudación de fondos

26 Apr 2023

Algunas palabras de la recaudación de fondos

Hello everyone,


I am Bear. I am a really cute and loving big boy. I am a handsome british shorthair. And I am 15 months old.


A few weeks ago I started feeling ill. I was really weak and tired all the time. I tried food, but I just could not eat.


My human friends took me to the doctor. It was a bit scary. They put all sorts of medicine in me. And they took some test.


Turned out I had wet FIP. And there was nothing the doctor could do for me.


My friends did not know what to do. They were crying all day, and I heard them say they didn't want to give me up. And they started looking on there little internet toys. They found something called curefip.


I started treatment. And I feel so much better now. I am running and plating again. My yellow skin is going away.


But my friends need help to get me through. I am only on my 13th day now. And we would like to continue the treatment. And since I am a big friendly giant (5kg) I need to take a lot of medicine.


Can you help us out?


A loving paw from Big BearBear

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