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Save minnie

Sofia Spartali

recaudación de fondos

Jun 11, 2023

Algunas palabras de la recaudación de fondos

My little one is a quiet kitten and very quickly my husband and I decided to become 6 after she had fully adapted with my other two cats and my daughter was already crazy about her...I wouldn't give her up for adoption because for some reason I felt that I had a treasure in my hands... I really did feel it...She is a terribly smart obedient and cuddly girl...Things went smoothly..thinking I had the safest cats and I took it for granted that nothing at all would happen to them living in the house.. seeing what was going on outside as a volunteer trying for so long with spaying and neutering and abandoned babies I couldn't help but think that something so bad would happen in the house... it started with a simple shortness of breath... the next day I took her to the doctor... he said it was most likely just asthma... but he told me to get an x-ray to confirm ... I was nervous but I was not expecting anything like this to happen... Going in for an exam my heart was beating loudly .. as soon as she told me she had fluid in her chest I didn't fully realize .. I knew it wasn't very good .. she told me we should go ahead with an ultrasound .. which we did .. the doctor took an injection and pulled some fluid from her chest .. it was a white transparent fluid .. they said the word peritonitis .. and asked me if the pet lived at home .. of course I said yes ... I'll never forget the sentence the doctor angrily said "How did that happen now?"


I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me... my mind couldn't take it... it still can't...


I immediately called the vet as soon as I came out ... he told me to go that way ... I was trying to hold back my tears so my daughter who was waiting outside with my husband wouldn't see me ... It was impossible... she was saying "mummy don't cry" ... it took my breath away...


When I arrived at the vet there was a very heavy atmosphere with me not being able to believe what had happened and the vet trying to explain the inexplicable... I knew about the disease having had years of dealing with cats on the street ... but I never experienced it ... my mind could not cope ... Things happened quickly and the decision was one way, we were going to start treatment as soon as possible... through a Facebook page specifically for cats with fip where I desperately wrote a paragraph to hear other experiences... a girl messaged me and said she could give me 2 bottles of curefip. .the next morning I had them in my hands .. the distance between us was 600 km .. and they came so fast .. this angel who helped me is called Christina and I don't know anything about her .. I know she is my angel and my Minnie's angel , that no matter what happens it doesn't pay off ... The next day we started the treatment.. 3 days after the diagnosis.. we did the first injection and we pray that everything will be fine.. me and my family together with our 3 cats we live in Greece where things are not easy with the wages... we live in a small apartment and take care of 22 cats on the street with all their difficulties and 3 in the house... I know that with love all things are possible and I will do everything in my power to help my little Minnie make it..

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