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  1. How much GS per vial?

  2. What is the concentration?

  3. What’s the diluent?
    5% ethanol, 30% propylene glycol, 45% PEG 400, 20% water 

  4. Is your GS ready for use?
    Yes, it is injection ready

  5. What's the purity?

USING GS-441524

  1. How much and how often?
    1 injection per day, based on your cat's body weight for 12 weeks.

  2. What's the right dosages for my cat?
    We recommend using the formula of [ WEIGHT(kg) x DOSAGE(mg) / 15 mg ].

    Recommended starting dosage(mg) for wet and plain dry FIP is 5mg/kg. So 1 kg cat will get 0.33 mL.

    For ocular FIP, recommended starting dosage is 8 mg/kg. Which means 1 kg cat will get 0.53 mL.

    For neurological FIP dosage is 8-10 mg/kg, usually for neurological FIP, recommended dosage is 10mg/kg, the dosage for 1kg cat is 0.67 mL.

    We do not recommend reducing the dosage during the treatment as it may increase viral resistance to GS. 

  3. What should I feed my cat during the treatment?
    Freshly cooked fish, chicken and other natural foods.  If your cat has diarrhoea, consider switching to dry cat food for a few days until diarrhoea stops.

  4. How long is the treatment?
    The recommended length of treatment is 12 weeks. However, the actual treatment length may depend on many factors such as how quickly your cat responds to the treatment,  the stage of the FIP infection when you began the treatment, and your personal financial situation.  

  5. Can GS-441524 be used along with other medications?
    Yes, GS is an antiviral treatment, and can be use with other medications to improve the overall health of your cat.  However, Lysin are not recommend to use along with GS.  Interferon has no effect for the treatment of FIP virus.

  6. What size of needle for the injections?
    We recommend a 19 or 20 gauge needle, 2.5cm in length.

  7. What else?
    As your cat begin to heal, it will gain weight as appetite returns and regular eating begins.  Weigh your cat regularly and adjust the dosage accordingly.  Work closely with your veterinarian for other possible complications that may occur such as liver and kidney damage, and additional infections.


  1. Short Term (< 45 days or less) store in ambient temperature of < 50°  celsius,  Keep GS-441524 inside the packaging, away from direct sunlight.
  2. Long Term (>45 days) store in household cooler/refrigerator between 3°~ 6° Celsius for up to 3 years.


  1. How long does it take for the shipment to arrive?
    2~3working days for most Asian nations, including Middle East.
    3~4 working days for Western Europe, major metropolitan areas in Canada and Australia
    5~7 working days for Eastern Europe, remote locations in Canada and Australia, and Latin America.

  2. Can you ship to all countries?
    No, we can not ship to all countries due to legal, logistical, and custom clearance barriers. Contact us if you can not complete a purchase on our website.

  3. How quickly do you ship out my order?
    80% of orders are shipped within 24 hours. 20% are shipping within 3 days due to occasional inventory shortage during international holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year.

  4. How can I track my shipment?
    You will receive an email with a FedEx or DHL Express tracking number once we have booked your shipment for pick up.  You may track your order by going to or

  5. Will you take care of custom clearance?
    Yes and no.  We assign the shipper as the custom clearance agent. We provide shipper with importation declaration documents to complete custom clearance.  However, your local custom office may contact you requesting additional paperwork.  If this is the case, contact us at, and we will provide you all necessary documents to pass to your local customs authority.

  6. Will I need to provide any documents for customs clearance?
    DHL and FedEx may contact you for additional documents such as invoice and payment receipt to complete custom clearance.  Please contact us before submitting any documents to FedEx or DHL so we may help you avoid a costly import tax bill.


  1. What payment options do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Alipay.

  2. What if I don't have any of the above payment options?
    You may send us a bank transfer.  However, keep in mind that it may take up to 4 days for us to receive the fund and send GS-441524 to you.  We recommend using, as a cheap and reliable bank transfer platform.   


  1. Do I need to pay any taxes?
    We do not charge any tax. You may be liable for import tax.  Not all countries charge import tax for our items.  Our invoice is optimised to keep your potential import tax to a minimum.

  2. How much import tax do I need to pay?
    Google is the best place to find an answer for this question. However, if you are not clear, you may message us to help you determine your potential tax liability for purchase.


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