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Θεοδώρα Μοσχογιαννη

Θεοδώρα Μοσχογιαννη


6 Feb 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

I am a rescuer taking care of 42 souls indoors and more than 50 outdoors.

One of my rescued babies of the summer, meli starting getting engorged around her belly. First blood work and ultrasound revealed high white cells and an enormous rate of her liver. Ultrasound showed some grains that weren't clear in her liver and her spleen.We weren't sure it could be fip so we waited a month and recheck her, some values look better but still there is an inflammation and still high rates so we need to start gs to see if she improves.

Dry fip is her most possible diagnosis according to the vets.

Meli is a joy to the world, she loves everyone and everything and she deserves to be healthy again. Please help her get the treatment!

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raised out of €1,200

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