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Help Lucky win and survive by Fip

Julia Mladenova


18 May 2022

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

I'm Lucky and I hope to do 1 year soon. About 2 months ago I ran away from home and fought for a female babe, but my opponent bit me and broke my tail and since then the problems for me have started. I am taken to the vet every day and I have serious neurological problems and infections and I can hardly see, I have difficulty walking, staggering and at the same time I have a temperature of 40 degrees every day and they will probably amputate my tail because one of my vertebrae is broken and I have an abscess. I have to recover. After all the research and photos, I got a positive test for Kovid and Fip. Please help after the diagnosis, my vet told me about an alternative treatment and a drug called GS-441524, which treats FIP cats, but is not currently registered in Bulgaria - so I have to buy it from abroad. The drug is very expensive ~ $ 200 for a vial of 7 ml. For Each vial lasting about 3 days - based on her current body weight (which increases). GS treatment should be continued for 84 days. I collect for the initial treatment for the first week with hope for a visible result and a little hope. I appeal for your support, even with a minimum I will be grateful to you if I survive I will be the most obedient kitten and I will make my owners very happy and I will not do any more mischief. with love Lucky

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