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Help me to save Bolek

Calliope Gerontaki


14 Oct 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Hello everyone, my name is Calliope and I am a volunteer on strays care for years now. Bolek became a member of our family, along with his baby brother Lolek, about a year ago.


As a victim of animal hoarding, he needed intensive treatment and syringe feeding for more than two months, having suffered from severe starvation. Fortunately, he survived and grew into a lovely, healthy boy.


He was diagnosed with FIP 2 days ago, after not being able to eat on his own or stand for some time. Some of his symptoms were high temperature and jaundice.


Unfortunately, I cannot afford his treatment (€1.400 per month), as I take care over numerous , most of which are disabled. Therefore I created this fundraiser in order to gather some of the money . Any help from you will be much appreciated.

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raised out of €1,400

11 people have donated to this

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