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HELP Sławeczek

adam Pluta


Jul 3, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Sławek has always been an energetic cat who liked to cuddle with his parents and play with his sister. One day he started eating cat litter, we were worried and we visited the veterinarian with him, who ruled out acute conditions and referred us for additional tests. At that time, we did not expect that the final diagnosis would be so dramatic. Sławeczek lost weight, slept more, did not want to play, did not jump, we saw that he was feeling worse and worse.

After two weeks of examination, we received a diagnosis - neurological FIP.

We know we can't let him die, we'll fight until we win, there's no other way.


Our beloved kitty supported us in moments of sadness, celebrated our successes with us, accompanied us in every important moment of life, hugged us in illness, so now we want to repay him in the best way possible.


We’ll pay for his treatement out of our pockets regrdless of donations but if you are willing to help us cover bill of 2000+ EUR we’ll be very obliged.

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