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help violet. she needs you.

Maryam memon


Nov 1, 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Violet's 3 months old. I've been told multiple times by the vet that there's no hope for her; that she'll end up dying no matter what. I don't want to lose hope. I won't give up on my baby. Because I remember Violet before contacting FIP, how she was the most energetic baby on Earth and would climb everyone, play with my feet and legs while I was asleep. My family used to scold her, but I used to secretly encourage her behaviour and spoil her. But now, I can't spoil her anymore. She doesn't climb me anymore. Gosh, she doesn't even walk anymore because of her Ataxia. The look in her eyes; the swollen belly; everything about her brings tears to my eyes and I always think, she's just a little baby who's been on this Earth only for 3 months. She hasn't even grown old enough to lose her canines yet and get adult teeth. I want her to live and experience all those things. I want to save her, but I need help in saving her. Violet needs you. She needs you to help fund her treatment so she can live to be a happy adult cat one day.

Currently, Violet's suffering from Ascites (build up of fluid in chest and abdomen), Ataxia (Wobbly walk), loss of appetite, severe anemia (Blood deficiency).

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