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hope for hope

caterina gioftsali


22 Jul 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

Two months ago, I heard a baby cat crying from the engine of a parked car. My heart was broken and I started to try rescue it, which I did a few hours ago. Ιt was a female. I holded her in my arms and she mowed hapilly! I named her Hope.

I took her home and thought that I should try to find an adoption for her, since I have too many cats and 6 dogs in my house!

In the beginning of July, I noticed that her belly got swollen and she was breathing with diffficulty. The vet examined her, did blood tests and diagnosed wet type of FIP.

I had 3 other cats with FIP before and treated them with injections. Unfortunately one of them died, but the other two are fine! Due to the large number of stray cats that I feed daily, castrated and vaccinated, together with those animals that I keep in my house, I payed with much difficulty the FIP medicine for them.

I started Hope's therapy with the vials that had been left over from the previous cats.

Now, I am asking help to raise money to buy pills for Hope, because she hurts terribly with the injections and it is very difficult to keep her still. Now she weighs 1,5 kg and she is 4 months old.

Please help her survive and find happiness in a loving home!

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raised out of €1,000

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