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cyprus fip rescues

Julie saunders


1 Mar 2023

Ein paar Worte von der Spendenaktion

We retired to Cyprus to live "the dream". Unfortunately it is not a dream in Cyprus for the stray cat population of an estimated 1.5 million. So we have done our best to help the felines in need, neutering, feeding, ensuring veterinery care and giving some of them a home when we could not find anyone to adopt. Six years on we now have over 60 cats living with us. We also feed (etc) at 12 colonies.

Our first experience with FIP resulted in a kittens death as there was not treatment available. Last year we successfully treated our gorgeous Freya for dry FIP. The mediction worked wonderfully and it gave her back her life.

Since the pandemic it has been increasingly hard to find homes for the cats we rescue, hence the increased number living with us. We have recently had a cold virus spreading through the cats and have been constantly giving treatments for this. Last week we noticed Tigger had some symptoms which took us back to when Freya was first diagnosed. We were devastated to find that Tigger had dry FIP. We dont have the money to pay for treatment, but have started to fundraise. Then disaster struck and one by one some of our other cats quickly developed symptoms of FIP. Blood tests reveal that we actualy have 6 cats with FIP (2 with wet FIP and 4 with dry FIP). Tigger, Wren, Frankie, Freda, Rolo and Stella. We also have one other (Rufus) in the clinic being tested (we have already been told that he has liver issues).

We have a registered (UK) Community Interest Company to help fundraise for food, neutering and veterinery care but it barely covers this and there is always more to do to help these animals.

How can we possibly raise the 8,000 euros needed for this treatment? We can"t choose who gets to live and who and who dies without treatment. These animals were all dumped or abandond as kittens. They have already been let down once. The treatment is not easy or pain free (a minimum of 84 injections) but we know it does work! Its a heartbreaking situation for all concerned. Please help us to help them.

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raised out of €8,000

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