We have encountered countless heartwarming stories; stories of people doing all that they can to save their cats, neighbor's and friend's cats, abandoned cats, and even stray cats.  Their actions speak volumes of our capacity to love and care.  For all these people, and the ones we have yet to meet, we created CURE FIP™ DONATE.  


CURE FIP™ DONATE use a portion of every sale to help cat owners that need financial assistance obtaining FIP treatment.  Here is how it works:


Create a Donation Campaign

Share your cat's story with the world by creating a donation campaign on a social platform of your choice. Some popular platforms include:

Facebook Fundraisers

PayPal and other eWallets

Choose a platform that is public and reputable to provide credibility to your campaign.  If no platforms are available in your regioncontact us to find a solution.

02 Alert Us of Your Campaign

Alert us of your donation campaign by completing this short form


We Provide a Matching Donation on Check Out

We will approve and deny your application within 24 hours, and provide you with a coupon code.  Use the coupon code on the check out page to receive matching items free of charge.  

Example: You place an order for 4 vials of 20mg/ml concentration. Upon checkout you will see 8 vials of 20mg/ml.


Terms and Conditions

To ensure the integrity of our program, please provide a record of donations made by third parties.  Funding records are provided by all public funding platforms.  If you are using PayPal donation.  Please provide a screenshot or a copy of funding contributions from your funders.


Orders placed under the CURE FIP™ DONATE program are not refundable.  You may pass on the good will by donating any unused vials to other cats owners who need the treatment in your area.