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FIP Relapse Program

A relapse occurs in ~3% of cats that we have treated. For cat owners who are concerned about the risk of relapse, we have formulated a clear Relapse Policy below. 


If your cat has experienced a relapse. Please  complete this form so we may process your claim within 24 hours.

Refund & Return are not available for the relapse program.

*Terms & Condition Applied*

For cats that completed full treatment using only CURE FIP™ products.

For cats that have completed the full 84 days treatment using exclusively our treatment products, we offer a 50% discount on relapse treatment for up to 84 additional days.

The relapse must occurs within 12 months of completing the initial full treatment.  To claim our relapse treatment discount, please provide:

  1. Your cat's treatment starting date and ending date.

  2. Final blood test report upon completing the FIP treatment program.  


This information helps us to create a relapse treatment program that may ranges from 2 weeks in mild cases to 12 weeks in severe cases.

For cats that didn't complete 84 days of treatment, but used exclusively CURE FIP™ TREATMENTS.

Many cats recover from FIP infections before 84 days.  In these cases, we respect you and your veterinarian's decision to end the treatment program early.  We offer a 50% discount on relapse treatment for up to an additional 84 days for cats that experience a relapse within 6 months of exiting the initial treatment program, and have used exclusively CURE FIP™ products.  


To qualify for this program:

  1. Please provide the blood report completed at the completion of the FIP treatment program.

  2. Did not perform invasive surgeries such as neutering or castration and vaccination within 84 days of exiting our FIP treatment program. 

For cats that exited treatment before 84 days and didn't complete a full blood test.

Please contact our treatment experts via chat box or email to discuss treatment options that may range from a continuation of previous treatment to starting a new treatment with adjusted dosage that is appropriate for your cat's condition. Relapse treatment may last between 2 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the lapse symptoms. 

We do not offer discount for cats who exited our treatment program without first completing a full blood test that demonstrated full recovery. 

For cats that mix CURE FIP™ TREATMENT with other brands' treatment.

We do not recommend mixing brands. Each brand has its own concentrations and protocols for treating FIP infections.  We can not predict treatment results when mixing different brands of products throughout the treatment process.  If your cat used treatment products from different brands during his/her treatment, and experienced a relapse, contact us to discuss how to bring FIP infection back under control as quickly as possible using an adjusted dosage regimen.  Relapse treatment may last between 2 to 12 weeks depending on the severity of the lapse symptoms. We do not offer discount for this category of cats. 

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