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Good Bye, FIP.
Hello, CURE.



Feline Infectious Peritonitis, (FIP) is a viral infection that affects an estimated 1~2% of global feline population annually.  FIP is extremely fatal with an estimated mortality rate of ~96% if untreated.  


Thanks to Dr. Niels Pedersen and his team of researchers at University of California Davis, the discovery of the use of GS-441524 has revolutionised FIP treatment. What was once a fatal disease is now easily treatable. 

At CURE FIP™, we are making GS-441524 accessible and afforable to cat owners and veterinary professionals so that they may use it to save the lives of cats.


Intermittent fever, slight decrease in appetite, weight loss, and lethargy.

Worsening of early stage symptoms  


ascites, diarrhea, anemia, jaundice.

Worsening of mid stage symptoms


Stopped feeding,

cloudy eyes, loss of coordination, paralysis, and convulsions.


Injections are the most reliable form of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) treatment. Start every treatment with injections to ensure rapid recovery. 


Oral capsules offer an easy and painless way to treat FIP infection at home. Ideal for non-severe or early stage FIP cases.

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Increased Appetite

A return to normal feeding quantity and frequency occurs generally in the first week.


Increased Physical Actitivites

The desire to move returns within the first 3 days. More rigorous movements returns within 7 days.


Reduced of Fever

Persistent or intermittent fever dissipate or disappear all together within 7 days.


Increased Alertness

In this improvement is particular noticeable in late stage FIP cats, begin to respond to voices and touches.

Need it Fast? DHL Express on all orders.


5 warehouses to serve you: Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Dubai.
1 - 2 business days to all cities.
2 - 5 business days to remote townships.

We have saved more than 34,000 cats GLOBALLY since 2019, a result worth celebrating!

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Guarantee Curefip

Our Guarantees are SIMPLE.

REFUND GUARANTEE - Refund any unopened vials within 30 days of purchase.

RELAPSE GUARANTEE - 50% discount for relapse case that occurs within 12 months of initial treatment. was established in the summer of 2019 to give cat owners and doctors easy and reliable access to high quality antiviral medicine GS-441524, a newly discovered life-saving treatment that effectively eliminated feline infectious peritonitis in cats.  Since our founding, we have empowered thousands  of doctors and tens of thousands cats owners across the world to save their cats with a impressive success rate of 92%. Today, we are a highly specialised organisation specialised in providing FIP medicine and treatment advisory services to veterinarians and cat owners on the curing FIP infections. 

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