CUREFIP.COM was found in the summer of 2019, shortly after a friend’s cat was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus (FIPV).  Over drinks we learned just how deadly and emotionally devastation this disease can be for both the cat and its owners.  Our friend loved her cat very much, and was devastated by two separate doctors’ prognosis that FIP is incurable. We were also cat owners and became very concerned about our two cats Butter and Porky, so named not because they were fat, but because we loved cooking.  

Few weeks later,  we met our friend again for dinner.  We were surprised to find her in a much better mood.  We naturally asked about her cat.  She told us that she found an experimental treatment called GS-441524.  Her cat was being treated with it and was recovering nicely.  This really peaked our curiosity.   How can FIP, a supposedly incurable disease according to two qualified licensed doctors be treated successfully by our unlicensed and unqualified friend?

So we started researching on our own and quickly learned through various sources that while it is true what the doctors said, that there was no officially approved treatment for FIP virus, there were 2 promising experimental treatments GC-376 and GS-441524.  While GC-376 showed good initial treatment responses in clinical tests, the recurrence infection rate (usually within a few weeks after the initial treatment) was too high.  Once reinfected, GC-376 proved ineffective in subduing the infection the second time.  In contrast, GS-441524 was discovered by a group of researchers led by Dr. Niel Pedersen from the University of California, UC Davis.  GS-441524, in contrast to GC-376, proved even more effective in treating FIP during the clinic trial, reaching efficacy rate well over 80%, and infection recurrence rate of less than 10%.  What’s more amazing was that in the rare event of recurrence, GS-441524  proved effective in subsequent treatments.  This drug was nothing short of a monumental breakthrough in FIP treatment.  For the first time, there was what we considered an effective cure for FIP.

This is where the story took a sad turn. While GS-441524 proved an effective treatment, it was still pending approval for use by various governmental agencies around the world.   People around the world have no access to this FIP cure.  Meanwhile, cats are dying needlessly around the world from this treatable terminal disease.  Doctors either didn't know about this new experimental treatment due to lack of information or were afraid to prescribe GS-441524 in fear of losing their profession license due to legal liabilities.  Worse yet, even if they prescribed this treatment, they didn't know where to obtain GS-441524.  

We set out to solve this problem.  After speaking with several animal hospitals that are known for treating large number of  FIP cases in China, we were given contact to two reliable manufacturers that agreed to supply us with GS-441524 for buyers outside of China. Today, we can proudly say that through our efforts, we have helped cat owners save more than 30 cats around the world, and this number is growing.  Our GS-441524 is >99.5% in purity, in 17mg/ml concentration, and is injection ready.  We ship via Fedex or DHL international express to get the treatment to cat owners as fast as possible.  We are happy to be able to make a living while doing something good in this world.

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