Curefip.com was discovered in the summer of 2019 after a friend's cat was diagnosed with an infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV), which caused a lot of hurt and fear to infected cats and their owners. A friend loved his cat very much. It was amazing and heartbreaking to hear from two doctors that FIP was a very deadly contagious cat and that no treatment had been provided to date. I am the butler of two cats, and the names are BUTTER and PORK, respectively. I simply liked the low-cost dishes, so I gave them a name. 

A few weeks later, we had dinner with him. My friend felt better than ever. When asked, his cat is well-treated with the help of a new drug called GS-441524, and is recovering a lot of health. This really caught our curiosity. How can two people without a doctor's license successfully treat FIP that even two doctors cannot heal?

So we started our own research. While doctors have said that there is no officially certified treatment for FIP virus, we have found that there are experimental treatments with both GC-376 and GS-441524. GC-376 showed excellent initial response in clinical trials, while the rate of recurrent infection (usually within weeks of initial treatment) was high. When reinfected, GC-376 did not appear to be effective in suppressing the second infection. GS-441524 was found in a group of researchers led by Dr. NIEL PEDERSEN of UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at UC DAVIS. Unlike the GC-376, GS-441524 is much more effective in treating FIP during clinical trials, has reached a efficacy rate of more than 80% and has reached a recurrence rate of less than 10%. What's even more surprising is that GS-441524 was effective in treatment, even in rare cases of recurrence. Gs-441524 has demonstrated a breakthrough in FIP therapy. For the first time, we considered effective treatments for FIP.

Now it's a sad story. Gs-441524 has proven to be an effective treatment, but it is still waiting for approval from government agencies around the world. Many cat owners around the world are not allowed to use this FIP treatment. On the other hand, even though many treats have been made among cat owners, almost all of them have been sent to the kingdom. Doctors were afraid to prescribe GS-441524 because they were not familiar with this new experimental treatment due to lack of information about the drug, or feared losing their doctor's license scares due to legal liability. Even worse, even if you prescribe a cure, you don't know where to buy GS-441524.

We started to solve this problem. We talked to several veterinary hospitals in China who had a lot of FIP treatment experience. We have contacted two trusted manufacturers that have supplied GS-441524 for buyers outside China. To this day, we've helped over 30 cats around the world through our efforts, and we're working on it. 

Our GS-441524 is purity> 99.5% at concentration 17mg/ml and 20mg/ml and is ready to use. We send DHL or FEDEX through international shipping and strive to get treatment to cat owners as quickly as possible.

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