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The Dark Side of the Pet Industry: A Closer Look at

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In today's digital age, the business of deceit is alarmingly easy. An unscrupulous company can create a false digital footprint, presenting itself as a more reputable and trusted brand, thereby leading unsuspecting customers astray. This is the story of, a company that has been exploiting the trust of customers while damaging the reputation of legitimate brands.'s strategy is simple yet destructive. They run Google ads that cunningly portray themselves as established, trustworthy brands in the pet industry. This deceptive advertising lures in customers who believe they are purchasing quality products from brands they trust.

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Source: Google Search

Reports from customers across Turkey, Europe, and Asia reveal a troubling pattern. Pet owners, seeking effective treatment for their cats with FIP, thought they had scored a deal on quality products. They placed orders on, believing they were purchasing from established brands such as Basmi FIP or CUREFIP. Tragically, many discovered the harsh truth only after their beloved pets' conditions worsened, or in some cases, resulted in death.

These cat owners, distraught and seeking answers, reached out to Basmi FIP, the brand they believed they had purchased from. It was only then they discovered they had been duped. The products they had bought were not genuine Basmi FIP products but inferior imitations sold by

While not yet confirmed, murmurs from industry insiders suggest that other reputable brands have been victims of's deceitful tactics, with some even contemplating legal action.

Information about's actual products remains elusive. There is no published data, no test reports, and no third-party validations. Following a sale, customer service from reportedly dwindles, often ceasing to respond to inquiries. This lack of transparency and accountability leaves customers in the dark, with potentially disastrous consequences.

The pet industry thrives on trust. Reputable brands, like Basmi FIP, are built on the promise of reliable products and quality customer service, both pre-and post-sale. They are committed to supporting pet owners in their journey of caring for their animals.

Unfortunately, the unethical practices of companies like damage this trust. By misrepresenting themselves and offering inferior products, they not only harm the pet owners who fall prey to their tactics but also erode the reputation of legitimate brands.

Basmi FIP believes in the right of customers to choose where they purchase their products. However, it is also committed to preserving the integrity of the pet industry and ensuring customers are aware of the potential pitfalls of dealing with companies like

As customers, the power lies in our hands. By arming ourselves with knowledge and conducting thorough research before making a purchase, we can avoid falling victim to such unethical practices. Remember, when it comes to the health and well-being of our pets, only the best should do. Trust only reputable brands and be wary of too-good-to-be-true deals.

In this industry, where life and health are at stake, let's be vigilant. Let's protect our pets and stand against companies like that seek to profit from deceit.


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