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Beware of cheap copies of CUREFIP.COM!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

It seems that our FIP treatment approach has been successful. Over the past three years, we have noticed that several new players in the FIP treatment industry have copied various aspects of our products and brand. They have replicated our website's appearance, our taglines, our written content, and even our brand name. has taken the act of copying to a new level by completely replicating our website, including our marketing strategy and almost word-for-word descriptions. Here are some examples: copying
Screenshot of website


In the ABOUT US page writes: CUREFIP.COM was conceived in the summer of 2019, shortly after a friend's cat was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). While drinking, we learned how emotionally devastating and deadly FIP can be, both for the cat and its owners. Our friend loved her cat like her children, and was devastated by the prognosis from two different doctors that FIP ​​is not treatable. All the doctors could offer to our friend was either steroid based anti- inflammatory medicine to temporarily reduce to suffering. We were also cat owners and became very concerned about our two cats Butter and Porky, so named not because they were fat, but because we liked to cook.

A few weeks later, we met this friend again for dinner. We were surprised to find her in a much better mood. We naturally asked about her cat's condition. She told us she found an experimental treatment called GS-441524. Her cat was being treated on it for the past several weeks and was recovering well. This really caught our curiosity. How can FIP, a disease that is supposedly impossible to cure according to two licensed veterinarians, be treated successfully by our friend who was without a license or medical qualifications?...

You can read the full story here:


In the ABOUT US page writes: was founded at the end of 2018. At a party, a friend told us that her cat was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis (hereinafter referred to as FIP). The doctor told her that the disease is incurable and there is currently no effective cure. This is undoubtedly a very serious problem for friends. Sad news, her emotions were shrouded in sadness throughout the party. After returning, we began to take special care of our cats Aggie and Nini, and didn't want them to encounter this terrible disease.

A few weeks later, we had dinner with friends again, and we found that they were in a much better mood. A friend told us that her cat is now almost healed. She found on the Internet a special medicine for cats: GS-441524. Her cat is currently undergoing treatment and is recovering well. This has aroused our great curiosity. How did our friends treat FIP ​​that was sentenced to death by a professional veterinarian?

After returning, we began to study with great concentration. By consulting a large amount of information on the Internet and visiting many pet hospitals, we learned that FIP ​​is a disease with a high fatality rate for cats. The kittens are more susceptible to illness. At present, the only effective treatment method proved to be the injection of GS-441524...

You can read the full story here:


We call our blogs FIP Knowledge. They also call their blogs FIP knowledge. Here is a example of the similarities.

FlP treatment knowledge from
Blog from about liver and kidney care during FIP treatment.

Blog from about dietary needs during FIP treatment.

Screenshot of a blog from

Once again, we are flattered by yet another copycat from China. Their imitation only reinforces the notion that cat owners appreciate the way we assist them in rescuing their beloved pets. While we wish every success, we hope that they can discover their unique voice and purpose, rather than simply copying for short-term financial gain.

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