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"CURE FIP™ introduces game-changing 30mg concentration for FIP treatment"

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Cure FIP™ Revolutionizes the Industry with New 30mg/ml Concentration, Reducing Injection Site Injuries and Pain.

Cure FIP™ has been a trailblazer in the FIP treatment industry, introducing the first 17mg/ml and 20mg/ml concentrations that have become the standard for many brands. Now, they have raised the bar again with their latest innovation: a 30mg/ml concentration.

But why is a higher concentration so beneficial?

GS-441524, in its injectable form, is a highly acidic solution that can cause pain and skin irritations during treatment. The acidity is necessary to evenly dissolve the GS-441524 powder in the liquid form for injections, but it can cause problems for some cats. In severe cases, injections become nearly impossible due to the pain and skin injuries caused by the acidic solution. With the new 30mg/ml concentration, Cure FIP™ aims to alleviate these issues and provide a more comfortable treatment experience for cats.

FIP injection skin injury
FIP Injection severe skin reaction

FIP injection skin burn
FIP injection skin injury

Cure FIP™ revolutionized the FIP treatment industry by introducing the 17mg/ml and 20mg/ml concentrations. The latter has now become the industry standard, but Cure FIP™ is not resting on its laurels. The latest development is the game-changing 30mg/ml concentration, another industry first. This new concentration reduces injection site injuries and pain, making the treatment more comfortable for cats and easier for caregivers.

The acidic nature of GS-441524 in injectable form can cause pain and skin irritations for cats, especially toward the end of the treatment. The higher concentration of GS-441524 in the new 30mg/ml concentration significantly reduces injection amounts by 33% when compared to the 20mg/ml concentration, which in turn reduces injuries. This makes the new concentration particularly beneficial for cats weighing 4kg or above, as they require higher dosages of GS-441524 daily.

Despite the clear benefits of the 30mg/ml concentration, Cure FIP™ is still the only company offering it as of June 16th, 2022. Some resellers from other brands have attempted to discredit this innovation through unfounded rumors, but Cure FIP™ is not intimidated. The company will continue to lead the FIP treatment industry through innovation, superior products, and better customer experience. Don't be manipulated into making ill-informed decisions; ask for evidence and avoid negative emotional tactics.

In conclusion, the new 30mg/ml concentration is a game changer for FIP treatment, reducing pain and skin injuries and making injections more pleasant for cats and easier for their caregivers. Cure FIP™ will continue to strive for improvement in the FIP treatment experience and success rate.

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